Quadifi Support

How do i begin running a Wireless Hotspot?

You can easily run a hotspot without purchasing a server or running the server 24 hours a day,
simply with just a preconfigured Access Point that you can purchase from us, here.

How many Wireless Access Point/Routers can i hook up with Quadifi?

There are no maximum number of Wireless (Access Points) that can be hooked up to Quadifi
on a SINGLE account but we recommend to keep it below 20 Access Points/Routers

Can i use my existing DD-WRT router?

Yes. We use the same technology to power hotspots that is used by DD-WRT and that makes us compatible with DD-WRT. Howeer, we do not recommend configuring DD-WRT yourself and we recommend it only for advanced users

How do i configure my DD-WRT router to use with Quadifi?

In your HotSpot tab in DD-WRT, select ChilliSpot to "Enable" and then enter the following Details

Separate WiFi from the LAN Bridge: Disabled
Primary Radius Server IP/DNS radius.quadifi.com
Backup Radius Server IP/DNS: radius.quadifi.com
Redirect URL: https://login.quadifi.com/hotspotlogin.php
Shared Key: e79e494126768fdceaa4f2ae - Important! Must be correct!
Radius NAS ID: quadifi-nas
UAM Secret: ba406534d4215369ff3b1282157c49 - Important! Must be correct!
UAM Any DNS: 0
UAM Allowed:,quadifi.com,www.paypal.com,billplz.com,cloudflaressl.com,

MAC Auth: Select "Disabled"
Leave "Additional Chillispot Options" Empty!

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